This book is a collection of 51 stories which was written in between 51 years and is written by shafi mashhadi. Name of the some stories are jhag, pyas, aruze adam, tote ka intezar, Zakham aur nakhun, deemak, etc. The story Piyas explain that human have thirst of different things. Some have thirst of women some have thirst of land some have thirst of money. Like that one day a person goes to meet his friend’s father. He saw that he wear a very old cloth in old house. And does not eat breakfast in fact they take lunch directly. After watching this he became surprised, with such a rich man and such stinginess. He asked him. He gave a very interesting answer. What was the answer? The story Tote Ka Intezar shows that how poorness killed people. A man gets surprised after watching this that his landowner uncle was holding a rickshaw. What happened to him that he becomes a rickshaw wala from landowner? This story is very heartbreaking. Like this lots of interesting stories are presented in this book.

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