Sangdil Malika Hindi Islamic Historical Novel About Syria


  • Author = Sadiq Hussain Sardhanvi
  • Page = 502
  • Language = Hindi
  • Publisher = Adabi Duniya
  • Binding = Hard Board Perfect Binding

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  • Islamic novel book in hindi.
  • Anyone can read.
  • Islamic Story.
  • Historical book.
  • Maulana Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui is a famous novelist and historian. The top subject of his books is the history of Muslims. The author presented the real history in the shape of the exciting stories. Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui wants the revival of the Muslim’s brighten past. He taught the youth to analyse the present and plan for the future. He gave the lesson of virtue, bravery, and struggled through his novels. The book Sangdil Malika novel is about the wars and victories of the Muslims in Syria. The Muslims invaded the Roman empire in the leadership of Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed. Sangdil Malika contains the story of the Amad Fort and his Queen. A Queen of Amad faced the Muslims troops but poorly defeated. The details of that war are very horrible, and we know how the Muslim forces took charge of the power. The plot of the novel is absorbing and informative.
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