This is the set of 28 Books which are writen by Allama Arshadul Quadri. He was a great Islamic Scholar and his Mazar Aqdas is in Tata Jamshed pur. His work are memorable as he give many riference from Quran and Hadith against Wahabi and ghairmuqallid believes. Here is the detail of 28 books with name and Topics. (1) allama Arshadul Qadri ek ahad saaz shakhsiat – Life history and about his work.
(2) Zalzala – reference from quran and hadith against believes of wahabi and Ghair Muqallid.
(3) Zer o Zabar – reference from quran and hadith against believes of wahabi and Ghair Muqallid.
(4) Tablighi Jamat – Berief History of Tablighi Jamat and knowledge about their Believes.
(5) Jamat e Islami – Berief History of Jamat e Islami and knowledge about their Believes.
(6) Anwar Ahmadi – Status of Prophet Muhammad.
(7) Naqsh e Karbala – Brief History of Karbala.
(8) Shariat – Answer to Book of Molvi Palan Haqqani “Shariat ya Jihalat”. In which he tried to misbehave which is not permissible shariat.
(9) Lalazar – Islamic stories which are related to believes.
(10) Kamalat e Mustafa – Translation of the book alaman wal Ula by Alahazrat which is on characterstics of Naat.
(11) Afkar O Khayalat – Collection of Articles on the different issue of Muslim in the world.
(12) Dawat e Insaf – difference between the Believes of Sunni and Ghair Muqallid.
(13) Tafsir e Ummul Quran – Translation and explanation of Surah Fatiha.
(14) Sadae Darwesh – Collection of Islamic Articles on Different Topics.
(15) Misbahul Quran – Reference from Quran about Sunni Believes and routines.
(16) anware Risalat – Status of Prophet Muhammad.
(17) Tazirat e Qalam – A books on the different issues which have different opinion of different Ulma.
(18) Shaur O Agahi – Scoial Issues and Islamic solution.
(19) Sehrul Bayan – collection of Islamic Speeches which are related to Islamic Education.
(20) Alfatawa – collection of fatawa which are given by allama arshadul quadri which are on different topics.
(21) Shakhsiat – Life History of different auliyae kiram.
(22) Tajalliyat e Raza – Life History and work of alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
(23) Sharai Haisiat – Status of Hadith, Fiqh and Jihad in Shariat.
(24) Izhar e Aqidat – Collection of Naat and Hamd by Allama Arshadul Quadri.
(25) Aini Mushahidat – collection of the story of some travels by allama arshadul quadri.
(26) khutbate Istaqbaliya – Collection of Speeches on islamic wellcome seminar.
(27) Zulf O Zanjeer – Collection of different Islamic Moral story in which Intention, sincerity, love is reflected.
(28) Almakatib – Collection of differents letter of allama arshadul quadri and their answers.

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