Kalila O Dimna Urdu Collection Of Stories


  • Author = Arshad Raazi
  • Pages =208
  • Language =Urdu
  • Publisher =Educational Publishing House
  • Binding =Hard Board

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This book is the collection of Top Indian classical stories and those are also used as a reference in different situation. Total fifteen (15) stories are presented in this book. Some of them are Chugal Khoron ki baat na sunne main, badkaron ki saza pane aur unki aqibat kharab hone main, ghaflat se maqsad khone main, Jald bazi karne ke nuqsan ka bayan, ahle kina se parhez karne aur unki chaplosi par atemad karne main. Chugal khoron ki baat na sunne main narrated that one day a Brahman say to king that if someone get closer to king then other people who hates him try to down him in front of king. But the king must act wisely and tells a story that there was a trader and he has three children. His children waste the wealth so the trader tries to improve their habit. And what happen. Jald bazi karne ke nuqsan ke bayan me describes that the kings ask to Brahman, how it is to do something fast. Then Brahman said only stupid can do it. Then he tells a story of man and mongoose (Nevla). And what happen after that. Like this all stories of this book are narrated in interesting way.

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