Kaleesa Aur Aag Hindi Novel Muslim downfall in Spain


  • Author = Nasim Hijazi
  • Pages =400
  • Language =Hindi
  • Publisher =Adabi Duniya
  • Binding =Hard Board

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The author of the book was a famous novelist, historian, and journalist. He authored some best-selling novel. He was the trendsetter of the historical stories in Urdu. Naseem Hijazi influenced was the top novelist in 70s. He controlled two generations by his views. He wrote the stories about the rise and fall of the Muslims. Naseem Hijazi reminded them the brighten past of the Muslims. In this book Kaleesa Aur Aag compiled in the context of Muslim downfall in Spain. After the surrender of Abu Abdullah, they expelled from Spain. The Christian rulers crushed the Muslims under inquisition law. They forced the Muslims to leave the Spain or live as a Moore. Most of the Muslims families migrated to Marrakesh and lived their remaining life.

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